The Perfect End

As most things in life all the good things have to come to an end. So I find myself sat in the ferry port waiting to board, reminiscing on my time spent in Ireland. Much fun was had, I met and got to know a few really nice people. For once it is nice spending time around people who like me are also nuts about lure fishing. Conversation flowed back and forth on subjects of favourite lures and rods and certain fishing tales and experiences. A change from the usual talking at someone about your fishing trip on your days of, being received by a blank uninterested face. Anyway the last 2 weeks in Tramore the weather has been pretty atrocious and made fishing very hard! Thankfully Cian at absolute fishing and my mate Steven Neely from fish on lures have both been helpful. A  few cheeky pointers and reassuring me that there are fish around. Because of this the last week I have actually pulled a few out the bag with early morning and bloody long walks. The first of the string actually came in at a length of 65cm and very chunky, a PB Bass for me so I was absolutely chuffed. I was fishing in a patch of slack water with the Fiiish Black Minnow 120 off shore head in Khaki. Fishing a sink and draw, and on about the fourth cast I followed the draw back down reeling up the slack. I went to draw again and it was solid, now I knew there was a weed bed a bit in front of me just about where I thought my lure was so I’m thinking that I’ve just snagged up. I start putting pressure on with hope of pulling it through when I felt two good pulls on the line. Now that certainly was not weed, my heart beat speeds up and I’ve got a battle on my hands. I keep good pressure on the fish as I can tell it’s more than my usual schoolie, he pulls me out into a bit of current where he knows he’s got the upper hand. After a few runs on my fairly tight drag I have him up and heading to shore. A beautiful thick black backed bass. A couple of photos again on a timer so excuse the poor quality, then returned strong.

65cm PB Bass
65cm PB Bass

The day after something truly magical took place. I ended up tagging along and fishing with a group of 6 British lads who were over for the weekend. Richard Cake, Mark Padfield, Martin, Joe, Steve and Tom. Great bunch of guys with a passion for bass, also very friendly and willing to give me a few pointers and tips throughout the day. hopefully I will get to fish with some of them back in England. Anyway we were in 2 groups on a couple different marks and after my PB the previous day I had high hopes for the day. It was a slow start and with 7 anglers not a sniff, the guys had already decided if nothing was happening here they were heading further down the coast in hope of bass. Luckily a second later after a change of tactics Martin hits into a fish, he lands a nice healthy 5lb 8oz bass. That made the decision to stay easy, and it certainly was the right decision. Richard follows suit and whacks out a big cast, working his lure well resulted in his rod doubling over, straight away he’s saying its a big fish. We knew ourselves when the fish started to pull him along the shore line, I’d say the fish was on for at least 5 minutes if not a little longer. Now for a bass that is really a long battle, as the fish makes it way into the shallows it’s confirmed and the pressure is really on. This is probably the easiest place to lose a fish especially when there is weed to contend with. Mark worked his way around the back of the fish and herds it in as Richard pulls it in, Marks grabs the fish firm and walks it to shore and places it on a weed bed. Wow, I’ve never seen a double first hand un till now and I can say that photos do not do them justice it was magnificent and huge. After all the weighting and screaming like little girls with excitement and photos the beast was returned. What a sight, seeing a bass of that size swim off in the shallows. Well done Richard Cake, a fish I believe he has waited 11 years for.

Richards Cake with his 11lb Bass
Richards Cake with his 11lb Bass

After a little break for some food and drink and to try to take into account what we had just witnessed and achieved. We began to fish again with hope of more fish. The guys did not disappoint, next in was Martin with another nice fish. This was a nicer fish than his first and was certainly giving him a good fight, he slowly brought the fish up on to the shore and it was a nice thick 7lb fish. A couple of photos and a quick release in order to get the lure back in the water. Not wanting to be beaten Richard replied with a 7lb 8oz bass straight away. There was certainly a good stack of fish in the water and seemingly very willing to nail the lures, well at least Richards and Martins. Nothing had happened for a while and I was thinking as the tide neared low that might be about it for us. But no, not from Richards point of view, fish on. His rod really bent over and he’s saying it’s big, in my excitement I grab my camera a follow behind as the fish drags him along the shore. Richards getting very excited at the thought of another big fish and slowly works him into the shallows, at first sight we can see it’s possibly similar to the first double. Once again Mark follows the fish from behind making sure its safe and landed. Another serious sized fish has just been landed, Richard is again smiling like a Cheshire cat while the steadier hands are in charge of weighing and measuring. Now it was possibly shorter than the 11lb fish but was an absolute pig dragging the scales to a whopping 11lb 8oz. What an achievement  2 double figure fish, a feat I’m sure will never be broken. Richard racked up a total of 30lbs of bass with 3 fish in about a 3 hour period. What  a day, when considering Richard and Martin were walking into the day with no fish from the trip and a possibility of going home with a blank from the trip. They returned happy anglers although I think they might have been a bit jealous with the fact that I had 3 more days fishing before I returned.

Martin's 7lb Bass
Martin’s 7lb Bass

After the recent fishing my choice of mark was a pretty easy decision to make for the next couple of days. As much as I enjoyed fishing with the other lads it was nice to have this awesome mark all to myself for a couple of days. As with the previous days the start was always a bit slow. Right on queue I get the normal hard tap then nothing, then the rod bends over. Ok this wasn’t a big one only a couple of pounds but it’s always nice to get one on the board for the day. Over the next couple days I managed to land 7 bass. Not epic amounts by any standards but after the horrific weather over the last couple of weeks they were more than welcome. They were averaging around the 4lb mark so overall they gave me a good bit of sport. I had one of the classic fish that got away, had it in the shallows in less than a foot of water trying to walk it up onto the shore when it shook its head out of the water and chucked the hook. A fish probably touching the 6lb mark but never mind that is the challenge of the chase.

Breathing the double
Breathing the double

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