My name is Blair Woodland and this is a website dedicated to the journey of my lure angling adventure. I began in March 2013 and was hooked, i have not looked back yet even after all that money you essentially chuck at the sea and never get back. The thrill of the chase keeps me going as i am not one for being beaten.


My first bass of 2013 took me around 2 months to find, it was caught on a combination of a beach casting reel and a boat/beach casting rod, not the ideal combo for lure fishing with its continuous casting and retrieval but it didn’t matter to me at the time because as soon as i had landed that first bass, even though it was the smallest bass i have seen to this day i knew i had found a true passion. I can’t explain the feeling that i had after fishing 4 days a week sometimes maybe more for just over 2 months with no prior experience or knowledge of lure fishing for bass to actually be rewarded with a fish, knowing that it was all me that earned that fish!


Now i just wanted more and bigger fish, so the journey began!!

Wrasse Attack


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