Slow Progress

So the last few weeks have been a bit dry in the way of fishing, I’ve had a couple sessions with not much success but I suppose that’s what happens when your work determines when you can fish!!I visited  a estuary mark about a week ago and fished over low tide the place was alive fish everywhere, not necessarily all bass but definitely good signs, there were baitfish bubbling and jumping on the surface obviously being pushed to the surface by hungry bass, I fished hard trying everything I could, bumping the bottom with soft plastics, weedless wieghtless through the weed beds, shallow diving hard lures and surface lures, none of which being successful. I will admit its abit disheartening walking away with nothing from a mark when there are so many good signs but I suppose this is why we fish is it not?? The challenge of the chase!! Any way I returned to the mark a couple mornings ago and fished from about 3am for about 5 hours this time over high. Once again I fished most of my lures with no success, last option was the salt skimmer it was still dark but being there was clear sky’s and a bright moon it lit the sky abit, I launched it out straight into the deeper faster flowing channel, 4 winds of my reel and I hear a big splash right from where I thought my lure would be and then the line tightens, fish on, the fish was on for about a minute then came the mass of weed beds in front of me, poor angling or just unlucky I’m not sure but the fish managed to shake the hook!! Now as frustrating as it was I look at this as a successful session as in the past I have not had much success fishing in estuaries and is only ever a last resort, now this spurs me on to go and fish the estuaries specifically!


Things also seem to be getting better as of Sunday as I will have plenty of time to fish hopefully about 2 weeks if things go correctly and if things don’t go correctly well I will have all the time I want to fish, now in my books that’s what we call a win win! This I believe will be sufficient time to find where all these bass have been hiding so far this year! Also I’m very excited as Steven Neely has seen fit to part with his Majorcraft Skyroad 9ft 10-30g rod which was delivered today, after using the 8ft 6 over in Ireland a couple months ago I knew I had to get one for myself and after returning and starting with my own rod again, which is abit of a cheaper rod I was desperate to get a Skyroad back in my hands. I can assure you it will be getting a proper going over.

Majorcraft Skyroad
Majorcraft Skyroad

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